A HOT TEA CUP INTERVIEW WITH YANA FLAME :Multi award winner Fashion Designer.


Multi award winner and famous worldwide artist Yana Flame. Designer Yana Flame Queen Couture and executive producer of Flame International Fashion and Art Festival. Letz go to know more about her in details with some lovely conversation with a cup of Hot tea…..!!!

FP24:What is your favourite part about being a designer?

YANA: My favourite part about being a designer and probably for many designers is the feeling i get when i see my designs being paraded on the catwalk, and to see the look of appreciation on peoples faces when they see my creations.

FP24:Please describe your brand or line of products:

YANA: I am an artist and fashion designer, my brand “Yana Flame Couture” it is my line of haute couture designs which i create for special occasions, it has existed for several years in London and is now known and recognized internationally.

Also i am executive producer of Flame International Fashion and art Festival, a young and ambitious project getting bigger and better each new season.

The project was created to support young talents from the sphere of Fashion and Art.

The festival brings together our creative team and many participants from different nationalities from around the world: designers, artists of different singers and dancers, celebrities and international VIP guests.

FP24:How did you come to curate your personal style?

YANA :I’ve always been a creative person ever since childhood. I did a lot of drawing and made dresses for all my dolls and helped my friends with advice on their style of clothing, what I thought would suit them best. it just progressed from there,

FP24:FP24:Where did you find yourfirst inspiration?

YANA:When I moved to the UK 6 years ago all my creativity was bursting out of my heart and all my creative skills I gained since childhood came at the right time for me to express myself.

I created a lot of handcrafted gifts for my friends, family and clients.

I did a lot of painted artworks and organised many art exhibitions.

My first big step and great motivation came in 2017.

I created and tailored with my hands my first bespoke collection of evening dresses,“Bohemian Dreams’ this was in the spring, I showcased them at the Rome Fashion week where more then 120 designers from around the world were present. My collection was awarded 6th place in the Alta Moda category. It was my most memorable and motivational success of my life at the start of my art and fashion career. During 2017, I created a collection of 5 different styles from embroidered lingerie, casual creative day wear up to haute couture dresses and showcased them around the world  many times.

My inspiration was puffy dresses from the 16th–19th centuries in Europe and Russia, during the reign of Elizabeth I, Catherine the Great, Marie Antoinette, Victoria, Sissy and others, and I wished to create beautiful outfits for modern women.

In London traditionally, there are a lot of high class Balls.

I get very inspired when I visited my first big Russian Ball in London, I have seen so many beautiful ball gowns. This was my inspiration.

I have private clients around the world who ask me to create special dresses for them.

FP24:How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

YANA: I want woman to feel that my designs make them feel that they are part of the dress and that the dress is part of them and in turn this makes them feel unique.

FP24:Tell us please about Flame Festival how did you start this project?

YANA: The idea began after a successful experience in Rome, where I became so motivated to organise events personal to me as projects.

In the Autumn of 2017  I successfully organised my first project ‘Festival Slavic Fashion Fill Rouge in Paris, and then in the summer of 2018 I did my  second event  in Italy; International festival’ – Italy Edition.

At the end of the 2018 I put together my first production of my own ‘Flame International Fashion and Art Festival’ in London.

In the last year in the city of London I held 3 more very successful editions of ‘FIFAF19’.

I cannot believe what I have achieved so far, and I am so very proud.

I have already showcased 6 editions of Flame international festivals! Many people; hundreds of participants from over 50 countries have attended my festival projects. It’s unbelievable! I am really so very proud of myself”.

FP24What inspired you to create Flame Festival?

YANA: I was inspired to create ‘Flame Festival’ as I intended to help young and unknown talents because I know from my own experience how difficult it is to break through when you are alone,without support, without the finances and other factors but you have your main treasure – this is your talent – a priceless gift, what God gave to you since birth, this is why the world needs you to push forward towards your dream. I want to help make these dreams come true.

‘Always thinking positively is the most successful way to a bright future.

FP24:Tell us about you secret of success?

YANA: Being a successful businesswoman nowadays has become more popular, but it’s not as easy as everyone thinks !

i don’t just dream about it, i put in front of me unrealistic goals and i go and get them with vigour. after each new step and achievement i always say: “this is only the beginning, a great future awaits me”.

To be honest, at first, It’s a lot of hard work, you must invest all your time and energy into your goals, but the main thing is you must believe very strongly in yourself and follow your dreams.

I will say from personal experience as a person who has begun from the bare bones of life and eventually succeeded with my dreams. I have not only versatile talents but a very strong faith in myself and my Success!

 A truly purposeful person is one for whom there are no barriers – Unstoppable me – ‘so everyone calls me’. I don’t know the meaning of impossible. Impossible =I’M POSSIBLE!!!

FP24: What advise can you give to young creatives?


Unfortunately, many talented people for various reasons do not have enough confidence and assertiveness to achieve their goals. I realised that my mission was to bring young and unknown talented people into the limelight. I decided to put together all the creative talents that I possess onto one platform, called “Flame”, and to allow an opportunity for like-minded creative people to take the first step towards success and achieve something more in their life.


FP24:What the next for “Flame”?

YANA: I am so excited about futures projects

2020-21 it’s my year and I have so many projects.

The first once quarantine is over will be in  Marbella,Puerto Banus,. Spain

I will create some projects of course in London, also new projects coming inItaly, Dubai and Miami.

you can apply to ‘Flame’ at flamefashionandartfes@gmail.com

Follow our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FlameFashionArtFestivalEn/

I want to bring the name of ‘Flame’ to everyone and  my productions to the whole world.

 I will also be concentrating on my art and design and will soon have an amazing collection of Art Work and New Bespoke Design.

FP24:Where do you think you will be after 10 years?

YANA: My design brand will be so well known I will have boutiques and private clients and celebrities from the world over.

Flame festival will be a huge world foundation supporting young talents.

I will be one of the woman of the world who will leave an amazing legacy for the future generation.

Yana Flame Queen Couture
Rome Fashion Week:Yana Flam
Serbia Fashion Week
Yana Flame Queen Couture
Yana Flame Queen Couture


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