Adidas is rolling out a new sustainable initiative launching take back old fashion scheme.

German sportswear company, adidas is rolling out a new sustainable initiative that works with the London-based start-up Stuffstr. The company launch take back old fashion scheme. Adidas is launching a scheme where customers can return their unwanted garments in return for Adidas vouchers.

The sportswear giant aims to address the growing waste generated by the fashion industry, and is doing so by offering this program to those signed up to its loyalty program in the UK. The online take-back scheme will allow customers to give back any clothing they have purchased from the Three Stripes in the last five years, regardless of its condition.

All returned items will be repaired and resold. Items that are unable to be repaired will go for recycling. Though this new initiative is currently limited to the United Kingdom, the company expects to roll it globally next year. This is a major step forward by Adidas in their efforts to manage waste generated by their customers.

Sustainability has been a major theme at Adidas over recent years, with the brand investing in several environmentally-conscious initiatives.

Adidas launched a take-back-and-recycle scheme in stores in Brazil in 2012. Although the take up by customers has been slow, they hope it will catch on when their project goes global.

The sports retailer have already piloted a take-back programmes in Canada in 2016. Last year they provided a service for consumers to drop off old clothes and shoes in nine of their stores across London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

This latest initiative by Adidas reflects the mounting pressure by consumers and regulators for big fashion brands to show they serious about tackling the amount of waste generated by their operations.

€155 Million worth of clothes go to landfill every year

According to waste-management non-profit WRAP, roughly £140 million (€155 million) of clothes end up in landfill sites in the UK every year.

In recent years, Adidas has made strong commitments to pursuing a more circular model of production. At the start of this year, it announced the launch of a fully reusable shoe. This was the result of them investing millions of euro to create a technological advanced product that took the brand years to achieve.

Adidas have also committed to eliminate virgin plastic from all its products wherever possible by the year 2024.
Their new “take back scheme” is going to present problems for the sports giant.

They are aware of the logistical problems that sorting, processing and reselling an array assortment of unwanted goods causes.

However, they are confident that by incentivising consumers to return their preloved products will encourage them to engage with their scheme.



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