Anti corona virus fabrics invention now & later for fashion industries.

fabrics invention

Anti corona virus fabrics invention now & later for fashion industries future: A recent review.

The invention of ‘ANTI Coronavirus Fabrics” is the current requirements for the fashion industries.From manufacturing supply chains to fashion weeks and trade shows, the global coronavirus pandemic is shaking up the fashion industry.

As consumer demand for fashion apparel moves from a “mode of necessity and comfort to one of recreation,” according to a new report by The NPD Group, the textile industry is weighing the role of anti-viral technologies to address the safety concerns of shoppers.

Here we picked up some textile companies recent invention chasing the ANTI Coronavirus Fabrics….

ANTI Coronavirus fabrics invention:

The RSWM Ltd: Quick to recognise the need for clothes that will help to sanitise the wearer from COVID-19, an Indian textile company has adopted the Swiss HeiQ Viroblock technology which claims to have a proven effect against the virus.

The garments of ViroSecure fabric of the textile company will provide self sanitisation by 99.99 per cent of the COVID-19 virus in 30 minutes, sources in the textile company said on Wednesday.

The RSWM Ltd, the flagship of LNJ Bhilwara Group, which owns Mayur Suiting in a statement claimed that the revolutionary viroblock technology is among the first textile technologies in the world to have a proven effect against the virus.

It will be used to make uniforms for not only frontline health care workers, but also for school children, defence and police personnel as well as for general suiting and shirting purposes, the statement said.

The price of the antivirus fabric starts from Rs 400 per meter and will be available in multi-brand outlets across the country from July 20, it said adding the new launch will rejuvenate Mayur Suiting for a comeback in the market.

There is a significant uptake in the demand for the anti-viral fabric technology and with this we are targeting 20 per cent of the sales from the ViroSecure fabric in this fiscal,, Mayur Suiting and LNJ Denim CEO and business head, Suketu Shah said.

The 20 per cent sale would translate into Rs 550 crore to Rs 600 crore additional revenue for the company.

Arvind Ltd., a textile-to-retail conglomerate, has entered into technical collaboration with Swiss textile innovator HeiQ Materials AG and Taiwanese speciality major Jintex Corporation to introduce anti-viral Viroblock textile technology for the first time in India under its brand Intellifabrix.

Using this technology, Arvind will offer shirting and suiting fabrics, readymade garments and face masks in India.

“In a very short period of time we will introduce fabrics that will provide best-in-class viral protection and are fashionable at the same time,” Kulin Lalbhai, executive director, Arvind Ltd., told The Hindu. The products will be available in about 1,000 outlets in India.

“HeiQ Viroblock is a special combination of our advanced silver and vesicle technology that has proven effective against the human coronavirus 229E and SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19, with 99.99% reduction of virus in 30 minutes,” Carlo Centonze, CEO, HeiQ Group, said in a statement

“It is a safe, hypoallergenic and patent-pending technology,” he added.

French company develops self-cleaning fabric that could kill coronavirus

A French company specialising in self-cleaning and anti-stain fabrics believes it has found a solution to make public transport safer amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company, Trajet, recently developed a disinfectant and decontaminating velvet it says is capable of eliminating almost 100 per cent of viral load, thanks to a process called photocatalysis.

“We’ve managed to integrate a conductor, which we call a catalyst, into our fabrics. It activates when it comes in contact with ultraviolet rays,” Trajet President Jérome Blanc told

“The purpose of this reaction is to oxidise compounds and turn them into harmless molecules, like water or salt.”

Thanks to natural or artificial light, this velvet is capable of destroying many bacteria, microbes and viruses in only 1 minute.

Tests conducted by independent laboratories in the United States and Spain have also proven its effectiveness against the new coronavirus.

It comes as many are concerned about the heightened risk of coronavirus infection in crowded public transport.

While these decontaminating fabrics are mainly intended for transport, they could have other applications too.

“This smart fabric could be used in movie theatres and concert halls – between sessions, there could be an hour of exposure to ultraviolet light to decontaminate the room,” said Blanc.

The transport network in Lyon has already equipped some of its metro trains with this velvet. Other cities in France and around the world may soon follow suit.

GRADO launches anti-viral fabrics with Neo Tech Technology:

In the wake of COVID-19, GRADO has come up with NEO TECH technology wherein the products are high quality, utilitarian and have a shield against bacteria and viruses alike. GRADO has been supplying specialty anti-microbial fabrics to multiple brands – both domestic and abroad.

NEO TECH is a unique technology developed by the Donear group companies, perfected by brand GRADO at its manufacturing units. The fabric is revolutionary and has been certified by top-laboratories such as NABL accredited Bio Tech Services. Leveraging NEO TECH techniques, GRADO has developed specially designed anti-viral and anti-bacterial fabrics that inhibits growth and retention of micro-organisms, making them safe and hygienic.

GRADO NEO TECH fabrics have been certified safe to wear/ use for any kind of garment – suits/ jackets/ trousers. These fabrics retain their properties up to even 50 washes, and are suited for everyday wear. Currently, we are geared up to take on bulk orders and should be able to roll out to the market within a few days of lockdown being lifted.

These fabrics have received wide acclaim from multiple industries – hospitality, hospitals, etc.

Commenting on the range, Rajendra Agarwal, Mentor, GRADO, said, “We have been investing in R&D since a very long time. We have been pioneers in introducing a lot of innovative products in the market in the past as well with products such as STREEZA (4-way stretch fabric), ICE-touch (making you 5 degrees cooler) and Uncrushable (for wrinkle resistance) amongst others, which are continuing to fare extremely well. NEO TECH® is the latest addition to that long list.”

Zaber and Zubair (Z&Z) Fabrics: ANTI Coronavirus Fabrics’ First ever invented in the world: by the Bangladeshi fabrics company.

Zaber and Zubair (Z&Z) Fabrics, a sister concern of largest garment exporter Noman Group in Bangladesh, claimed to have invented a new fabrics called ‘ANTI Coronavirus Fabrics’. The fabric is loaded with biocidal along with virucidal agents that can ensure the microbes are blocked instantly and killed within 120 seconds and with a 99.9 per accuracy.

The development procedure of this fabrics was technically supported by two Swiss partners. The company disclosed this at a press conference at their city office on Thursday.

The fabric was invented with the help of certain chemicals registered under the United States Toxic Control Act and the Environmental Protection Agency. Senior company officials expressed.

Anol Rayhan, the brand manager of Z&Z. said that we are pretty sure, many global fabric developers are chasing on developing such fabric but we are the first to make it possible. The fabric treatment was tested under standard ISO 18184 and and had regulatory coverage, he added.


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