Indonesia’s modest fashionistas have walked many runways….

Photo: Indonesian label Uma Privee runway show at Jakarta Modest Fashion Week on Jul 29, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo supplied by Jakarta Modest Fashion Week.

JAKARTA – Indonesia’s modest fashionistas have walked many runways in the last couple of years, at the Indonesia Fashion Week, Muslim Fashion Festival, Jakarta Modest Fashion Week, and they will meet again at October’s Indonesia Modest Fashion Week 2018.

Companies paid anything from 40 million Indonesian rupiah ($2,695) to 200 million rupiah ($13,476) to be part of the Jakarta Modest Fashion Week at the end of July, according to main organiser Franka Soeria of Think Fashion. The numbers are roughly consistent with those from 2016 when companies paid 75 million to 150 million rupiah for runway shows at the Muslim Fashion Festival.


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