British fashion retailer boohoo launches first recycled fashion collection.

British online fashion retailer, boohoo has launched its first dedicated recycled fashion range this week following months of pressure on fast-fashion clothing brands to take responsibility for the growing waste problem.

The fabric is created from plastic that has been directed away from landfill and re purposed to produce new yarn. The new range, called ‘For the Future.


The collection is also made using environmentally friendly and non-toxic fabric dyes and ink, and has been produced in the UK to reduce the environmental impact of transporting it.

Consumer can see the origin of the products material specification on the care label of the garments.The swing tags are made from 100% recycled paper. The manufacturing process is chlorine free and the materials are acid free. The string is made of 100% jute that is biodegradable and recyclable.

Carol Kane, group founder of the Boohoo Group, said: “We are consistently listening to our customers and have been working on developing a recycled offering for some time. Boohoo acknowledges its responsibility to be a sustainable business and ‘For the Future’ fashion range is the next step in that journey.”

Ranging across 34 items, the collection includes co-ord sets, going out dresses, bodysuits, crop tops and flares, The styles line will follow Boohoo’s low-cost price point with prices ranging from £8–£25.

The retailer described it will be continually adopting new collections as it works toward offering customers a wider range of sustainable fashion options.





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