COVID-19: BGMEA calls Buyers to Stand beside them as the RMG sector of Bangladesh in the way to disaster situation.

The garment industry, which has made the biggest contribution to Bangladesh’s economy due to Corona,  the sector is turning to the catastrophic disaster.

The amount of cancellation and suspension of garments export order due to coronavirus is increasing every day.

If the Corona situation does not improve, the garment factories will close one after another, BGMEA leaders said.

Not only will the garments export trade of Bangladesh bear immense loss, about half of a million garment workers have also suffer for it. The owners of the garment factory said “We do not have the capacity to pay them a month’s salary. How will we pay them when the factory is closed? ”

However, BGMEA President Rubana Haque said, “We are trying to keep the factory operational by providing all kinds of health protection to the workers.

But the situation is going to be in crisis as buyers reject the orders. Nevertheless, we promise that under any circumstances we will pay the workers. They will get paid. ”

The number of order cancellations is increasing every day. According to BGMEA’s Monitoring Cell Monday, orders for $ 1.5 billion have been canceled so far.   More then 1

Bgmea President: Rubana Haque.

thousand 89 factories running orders already canceled. The situation is deteriorating daily. And in these factories, 12 lakh workers work.

According to BGMEA data, due to financial crisis, from last 14 months 106 factories had been closed down. Beside this, comparing to last year export by the same month of 20 March  garments export decreased 44.15%.

“Foreign buyers talk about human rights,” said Rubana Haque. Speaks about compliance. But they are now canceling all orders, like without sense. After arriving at the port, they are canceling all the shipments in the middle stage. It can’t be, Corona crisis is worldwide. So we have to deal with the crisis together. ”

She said, “So my call is to buyers all over the world, and to the all brands, Do not cancel the order with respect to human rights. Stand beside the garment industry and workers of Bangladesh. this is involved with 41 lakh workers livelihood. You cannot act without conscience.

More over All Exporters yesterday urged global buyers and brands to import apparel items from the country that are ready for shipment and under process  for the sake of 4.1 million workers’ livelihoods.

“I’m appealing your (buyers’) good sense so that you kindly take all your current goods which are under process and ready for shipment. Please take them under normal payment method. If you have any uncut fabrics, allow us and give us a portion of the cutting and making (CM) charge so that we can pay workers’ salary,” Rubana Huq said in a video message for global apparel buyers and brands.

BKMEA President AKM Salim Osman made the calls in separate video messages, meant for both buyers and workers.

“Situation in the export destinations is very bad and we cannot predict the future as the major export markets including the EU and the US are going through crucial times,” BKMEA President AKM Salim Osman said in a video message.

If the exporters wanted to shut the factory, they had to pay wages for March, but where the money would come from if buyers cancelled their orders, he questioned.


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