Coronavirus in Italy: Fashion Brands Fighting against Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Although Vogue Business reports that more than 80% of shopping malls and supermarkets have reopened in major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Italy is now bracing for the impact the coronavirus.

MILAN REUTER reported that From Starbucks to Giorgio Armani, several Italian and foreign groups shut down their shops in Italy as the country fights to contain the worst outbreak of coronavirus outside China.

After an initial lockdown in the north failed to prevent the spread, the government on Monday banned all non-essential travel and public gatherings throughout Italy until April 3, halted all sports events and extended a shutdown of schools.

Clothing chain Benetton said it would close all its directly managed shops in Italy for two weeks starting from Thursday in an effort to protect both employees and customers against the spread of the disease.

Separately, Edizione Srl, holding company of the Benetton family, decided to donate three million euros to support the projects and urgent needs of four hospital institutes-as a concrete contribution to the emergency resulting from the epidemiological spread of Covid-19 in Italy.

The group led by fashion designer Giorgio Armani said it was temporarily shutting its boutiques, restaurants and hotel in Milan, the country’s financial capital and the main city in the Lombardy region, where the highest number of contagions and deaths have been recorded.

Starbucks also said on its website it was shutting its coffee shops across Italy until April 3, while fast food chain Burger King said its stores would remain closed until the end of the health emergency.


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