Covid-19 changing consumers’ shopping behavior: working-from-home outfits.


The current lockdown measures implemented across the globe are changing people’s shopping behaviors, and With the Covid-19 pandemic meaning that many peaople are temporarily working from home,

Unsurprisingly, the situation has caused a marked change in consumers’ shopping behaviour, with people no longer searching for partywear or formalwear – afterall, they have no occasions to wear them to.

 According to market research a survey found that 77% of respondents believed that their personal style has changed since the start of the crisis, with a notable 56% saying that they were incorporating more loungewear, as well as other more comfortable clothing, into their day-to-day wardrobe.
Furthermore, while 59% of those surveyed claimed to dress up every day or most days prior to the pandemic, only 25% said that they have maintained the habit under lockdown.

Indeed, close to one in five said that they are now prioritizing comfort over style, with 54% of women who said that they had a “go-to item for quarantine” highlighting leggings as their top pick.Here we customized some Trendy & Perfect work-from-home outfits that feel you comfort along with stylish feelings…..


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