Ethiopia to start three more textile industrial parks by July 2019

Another three parks dedicated to textile and garment production are to be opened in Ethiopia, according to press reports.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Oromo regional state president Lemma Megersa, Amhara Regional state president Gedu Andarchachew, ODP office Head Adanech Abebe and Arkebe Ukbay, top government official who was in charge of Industrail Parks development attended the inauguration ceremony.

The developments, which are to begin before next July, are in are Aysha and Semera, near the Djibouti border and Assosa, next to the Sudanese border.

Lelise Neme, chief executive of the Ethiopia Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), told the Xinhua news agency that the three parks were expected to play a “critical role in Ethiopia’s plan to transform its still largely agrarian economy into an industrialized one by 2025, using the textile and garment sector as a key component”.

he 120ha, $150m development will host a number of international manufacturers, such as Spanish synthetic yarn specialist Antex, Hong Kong’s Charter Ventures Apparel, Jiangsu Shinshine Wool Textile of China and Kingdom Linen Ethiopia, the local subsidiary of  Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax.

Ethiopia plans to increase the number of operational industrial parks from the current four to around 30 by 2025, increasing the share of the economy contributed by manufacturing from 5% to 22%.


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