Extraordinary creation in KIDZ Dress :See through her lance,Evgenia Luzhina

Evgenia Luzhina was born in Moscow. She received a B.A. in Fine Art and Design at Moscow Art College in 1980. She served as a Resident Set and Costume Designer for the Moscow Chamber Forms Theater.

She designed numerous productions in Moscow, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. In 1991, Evgenia came to the United States of America where she continues to exhibit her extensive experience in Art, Theatrical Set, and Costumes Designs.
Her couture fashions evolved from over thirty years of experience crafting costumes and designing sets for Russian and American Theaters. She boasts of creating more than five hundred costumes during her career. The label is heavily inspired by traditional Russian costuming. This is no surprise as it is her homeland and play a huge role in her everyday life.
Evgenia has been making her stamp in the fashion world for years. Maryland Fashion Award-Winner, Helen Hayes Award-Winner, Silver Arch Award-Winner, and New York Couture Fashion Week 2011, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17.

In the last two years, Evgenia become a photographer. She is passionate about fashion photography, she is an experience set stylist, a unique eye for building a scene. Her background in art leads to work with painting room sets and texture surfaces and custom backgrounds. She believes the power behind an image comes from the light, space and the emotion.

Here are some of her extraordinary creation in KIDZ Dress that you can see through her lance:



















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