Day by day Modern world is diverting daily usage to the natural fibers and eco-friendly products, in the world plastic bags and some plastic products will be banned in the whole Europe by 2020, however.

In this consequence, NatUp Fibres : a leading French company based in Normandy (a region of northern France) is planning to setting up a joint venture in Bangladesh for making jute-based car interior components.

The company deal with different car components like door panels, dashboards, wheel arches, parcel shelves, backs of seats, spare wheel covers and headliners made of natural fibres like flax, hemp and kenaf (meshta). The company is making the products using imported jute fibre from Bangladesh and supplying to the whole European  automotive industries. The company is importing around 1,400 tonnes of jute annually to make the products.

Harvesting jute in Bangladesh


“Bangladesh is the best place to buy jute. But you have to ensure quality jute,” said Karim Behlouli, chief executive officer of NatUp Fibres, a leading French company based in Normandy.

Talking to journalists visiting from Bangladesh in his office at Yvetot in Normandy last month, he said “Bangladesh has a huge potential to become one of the major suppliers of jute to the global car industry. He also said, If the natural fibre is used in cars, it reduces the vehicle’s weight and improves fuel efficiency. “We are investing more to add value to jute. Although we usually use flax to make the interiors of vehicles, flax is expensive than jute,” he more said.


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