Global Fashion Brands assure Bangladesh: not cancelling orders & work as partners to come out of the crisis.


Due to Corona situation, the ongoing and future garments order were being canceled and postponed. As a result of the new order, far away, the owners of the garment industry were worried about the factory-current and running orders. However, it seems that this black cloud will gradually disappear.

Recently, Sweden-based retailer company H&M assured of taking delivery of the already produced garments as well as goods in under  production process. Many other brands and retailers have already ensured to garments exporters that many of them will walk in that way.

‘Some global fashion brands namely Spanish clothing company Inditex, British multinational retailer Marks and Spencer, French retail company Kiabi and US retail company PVH and Target have come forward and have informed us of their decision to take the ready goods along with the goods in production,’ BGMEA President Rubana  informed to the local media.

‘We welcome their decisions to support us and hope that the payment terms will remain unaffected in order to ensure liquidity flow for the factories,’ she said.

The BGMEA president told that Marks and Spencer confirmed of taking the goods already produced and work in progress.

The retailer would pay for the raw materials which were not used as yet and the payment terms to be decided by end of this week, Rubana included.

‘Inditex is also not walking away and are taking all that’s being produced and are in the seas. PVH has sent a clear confirmation of taking everything, US retailer Target confirmed with full assurance that they would take all orders and it would take full responsibility and come up with all pending solutions,Target also reiterated that they would work as partners to come out of the crisis and they had no intention of cancellations of any order’ the BGMEA president in explained.

Former BGMEA vice-president Mahmud Hasan Khan Babu informed that French retailer Kiabi confirmed that they would take all its placed orders.

According to Mahmud Hasan Khan Babu, managing director of the garment exporter. He has been supplying knitwear items like T-shirts to Kiabi for more than nine years. He export  garment items worth $120 million to the French company every year.

Kiabi has been directly sourcing garment items worth $700 million from Bangladesh every year over the last 20 years, the Manufacturer said.

Garments Manufacturer leaders welcomed their decision to support the industry and hope that the payment terms will remain unaffected in order to ensure liquidity flow for the factories.

Since the outbreak of the deadly contagious virus, many Western clothing retailers, which have been sourcing from Bangladesh for decades, have sent letters to local manufacturers asking for cancellation of current and upcoming work orders as their own stores have been closed due to demand collapse and the measures aimed at slowing the spread of the novel virus.

In that critical situation raised BGMEA President Rubana called buyers all over the world, and to the all brands, Do not cancel the order with respect to human rights. Stand beside the garment industry and workers of Bangladesh.

The worst-affected countries such as Italy, the UK, the US, France, Spain and Germany are the prime destinations of Bangladeshi garment items. The US is the largest export destination for Bangladesh and takes apparel items worth $6 billion a year. Germany also sources almost the same amount of garment items.

Bangladesh exports nearly $3 billion worth of garment items to Italy and more than $2.5 billion to Spain and France. The UK imports more than $3 billion worth of garment items.



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