ITMA 2019 Barcelona :gained new record with biggest number of exhibitors.

The record number of exhibitors at ITMA 2019 – totaling 1,717 from 45 countries – has set a new milestone of the ITMA history.

Since its launch in 1951, ITMA has enjoyed wide industry recognition as the world’s largest textile and garment technology exhibition. This year’s exhibition in Barcelona sees its reputation solidify further with the largest gathering of exhibitors in its history.

“The global economy is still facing challenges, accentuated by trade tensions and disruption,” said Fritz P. Mayer, president of the  European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX). “However, textile being the world’s oldest manufacturing industry has demonstrated its resilience over the years.

“This is also the spirit of our exhibitors who continually innovate and launch new technologies and solutions,” he continued. “We are glad that ITMA has been providing a reputable platform for textile machinery manufacturers to market their innovations. This has enabled us to record the largest number of exhibitors in ITMA’s history.”

The exhibits are showcased over 114,500 square meters of net exhibit space, a 9% increase over the previous edition in 2015. ITMA 2019 attracted visitorship of over 105,000 from 137 countries. The top 5 countries where visitors came from were Spain (11%), Italy (10%), India (8%), Turkey and Germany (7%). They were followed by France, the USA, Portugal, Brazil, Pakistan, China and the UK.The record number of exhibitors totaling 1,717 from 45 countries has set a new milestone.

Reflecting the international composition of the participants, the largest number of exhibitors are from Italy (364 exhibitors), China (276 exhibitors), Germany (222 exhibitors), India (169 exhibitors) and Turkey (164 exhibitors).

CEMATEX countries continue to occupy the largest exhibit space, taking up 65% of the total net exhibit space. Italy booked 26% of the space, followed by Germany which booked 18%. The top non-CEMATEX countries are: Turkey with 9%, China with 8%, and India with 5% of the space booked.

At ITMA 2019 the top 5 sectors arrived : finishing (325 exhibitors), spinning (281 exhibitors), weaving (182 exhibitors), printing (157 exhibitors), knitting (136 exhibitors).

Many new technologies were launched, ranging from 3D weaving and knitting to hi-tech nonwovens processes, sustainable chemicals and state-of-the-art garment-making technologies, and wide range of software-powered automation solutions.

Garment making, which has been impacted by digitalization and fast fashion, is also making a bigger impact at ITMA.

“We are extremely pleased to bring garment technology back in focus at ITMA,” Mayer said. “While ITMA has been traditionally strong in textile making technologies, we are glad that we are able to present garment making solutions from some of the world’s most renowned technology providers. There is an increase of 27% in the number of exhibitors as compared with ITMA 2015.”



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