Rising of Muslim Women Fashion :From Stereotypes to Modern

Several criticisms about the modern muslim women fashion was heard from critics across the world. The Muslimah fashion style meant long dresses covering from head to toe. There was a lot of debate on the topic a few years back. But, the perception completely changed today. The women who were thought as an emblem of oppression are marching ahead in the fashion parade.

Undeniably, the Muslim fashion of the modern generation was clearly highlighted in the fashion exhibition held in San Francisco. But, prior to the launching of this fashion exhibition show, Max Hollein, the director of this fashion show organizer received diverse types of reactions. Of course the criticism came from different divisions.

Surprisingly, the fashion exhibition was successful and it was a great blow to the critics who commented wrong about the Muslimah fashion. Almost 60 fashion designers participated in the exhibition. It comprised of modest dresses muslim entirely devoted to Islamic fashion.

About 80 admirable ensembles, enchanting gowns, edgy streetwears along with intangible couture were exhibited in the fashion exhibition. This was a clear indication that Muslim women fashion has risen from stereotypes to modern.

A variety in Muslim women fashion

For over decades, the Islamic ladies were found in the traditional costumes. With the advent of modest fashion, the Muslimah women got the opportunity to express their beauty and fashion in a unique way.

The Islamic women fashion brought variety in their dressing style. The modest clothes are designed to suit every season and occasion. The Muslim women’s clothing is challenging the popular stereotype about Islam.

Three main takeaways about the Muslim women fashion
  • Modesty is not the only thing that is represented through the modest wears. In fact, it can be said that modesty is not same everywhere. In countries such as Iran, Turkey and Indonesia, modesty is defined differently. Women in Turkey even under strict regulation still are found to wear dresses that include a range of styles such as edgy ripped jeans, Graphic tees, etc.
  • Many non-Muslim women think that Muslimah women costumes are a symbol of oppression. It is true that Islamic ladies attires are shaped and designed abided by the Islamic religious values, yet they are modern. They are the marvelous creation of Islamic fashion designers. The modest apparels are designed by mixing modesty and modernity.
  • Muslim women’s clothes contributed to the mainstream fashion. It is because the modest clothes come with a perfect fashion need solution. A wide range of modest apparels has been launched to cater fashion need for women of all faiths. There are classy summer wear, winter wear, sportswear, streetwear, party wears and a lot more. The Muslim models and designers are getting recognized in the global fashion world. There are many Muslim modeler spokespersons for cosmetic brands, walking in the catwalks for high end designers and fashion shows.

Thus, muslim women fashion of the 21st century is driven by modernity and modesty. It has attracted both the women of Muslim & non-Muslim countries. In the modern era to appear trendy, it is necessary to dress in culturally comprehensive ways. This is evident in the Muslim modest clothes. In reality, fashion has made it clear that Muslims are not just the part of mainstream society. Certainly, they are the donors to it.

Courtesy: Goltune


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