The 9th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo :Focused on reducing lead time.


The 9th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo being held on 7th and 8th November at the International Convention City Bashundhara in Dhaka with a special theme focusing on ‘Simplicity in Supply Chain’.

Bangladesh Denim Expo, an international exposition dedicated for promoting Bangladesh’s denim and to showcase Bangladesh’s strength and capacity in denim manufacturing in the Denim World Market.

The two-day mega exposition displayed  the latest trend of denim products to the global brands and retailers as well as Bangladeshi manufacturers. A total of 62 exhibitors from all over the world are participated in the Expo.

The theme of this edition ‘Simplicity’ is aimed at defining a much simpler, much easier definition to understand sustainability and ecology in denim.

The participated global buyers and stakeholders in the expo asked companies to find out the way to reduce the lead time and go through the transformation process, to meet the fast-growing demands of e-commerce based selling in the world.

Square Denim GM Sayeed Ahmad Chowdhury, while speaking to the journalists, said: “Fashion trends change very fast. As a result, when a brand develops a product or design, it wants to get it ready within 30 to 40 days for the market. It is a big matter for the buyers.


“Previously, the lead time was 90 days, and it is now 45 days. For this reason the buyers are increasing pressure to source fabric suppliers within 15 days, which is very tough.  The timely delivery of goods is crucial for us.”

“Currently, the growth of the denim industry is better and experiencing an upward trend. There is no lack of work orders in Bangladesh. We are trying to reduce the lead time and the buyers are also inspiring us by giving us forecasted fashion trends of the market, said Sayeed of Square Denim.

“We have increased our production capacity to $3 million per yard, a month, which was 1.5 million per yard last year.” The company displayed the latest line of denim fabrics at the expo.


Asia Division Director Jordi Juani, of Spanish Company Jeanologia – which supplies denim fabrics to Bangladesh’s markets – said: “Sales in malls and shopping centres are declining, while e-commerce sales are on the rise. In previous years, the growth of e-commerce sales was 5%— which is now around 15%. Even we do not know what will be the growth of e-commerce sales in the coming days.”

Juani furthered: “A retailer has to supply what a consumer wants— and it should, fast. If Bangladesh cannot maintain strict lead-times, then buyers will move to alternative destinations like Vietnam. So, Bangladesh has to maintain a mixture of  lead-time and competitive prices of garments .

“Western retailers and brands are also under tremendous pressure due to fast fashion changing. Every year nearly 15% of retail shops are closing down in the European markets, as customers prefer buying online.”

Jeanologia supplies $20million-worth of denim fabric to Bangladesh every year.

He also said: “If Bangladesh wants to do better in the garment business, especially in the denim sector, the local fabric-makers and exporters will have to adopt new technologies, increase productivity. and bring changes to designs—as well.


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