Balance your style, with a very simple Technique of Dressing.

Simple Technique of Dressing.

BY Evgenia Luzhina (Couture Designer):

God Loves Trinity…..!!!

I want to share my knowledge about the balance in style, about a very simple technique of dressing skills and about the magic number “3”.

My dear girls, beauties and smart women, every time you are about to leave, you, of course, repeatedly, choosing what to wear, go to the mirror and evaluate your choice .., most often you doubt and then you seek help from to those who are currently near you .., and usually this also does not work.

1-you leave the house, continuing to doubt your choice ..

2-a few days later, when the photos appear on social networks, you understand that it was a mistake in your style…

3- you, having seen your photos on the network, are insanely happy .. but many giggle over your style image .. what happens most often …

So .. that you would always be sure of your choice, you just have to learn to count to three !!!


Let’s divide into three, everything that is included in the style:

1 You – age, physique, character, appearance …

2 Things – dress (pants, skirt, blouse, jacket) shoes, handbag …

3 Design – cosmetics, hairstyle, manicure (pedicure), jewelry, belts, glasses, hats, gloves …

So .., now let’s start … So that the next time you leave the house you look stylized, you need to choose one item from each of the three sections.

For example, you are young (and this is enough), it means ONE, you have an incredibly beautiful handbag, it is TWO and you just bought crazy glasses matching the color of this handbag .., these are three. Well, everything else should be calm. The main thing is you, Handbag, Glasses.

A very good example of style is Ready (all black is ONE, makeup is TWO, a bunch of silver jewelry is THREE)

Or, for example, you are a girl, without age, you don’t care, you are fine regardless of the numbers (like me). So we ignore paragraph # 1 and start counting right away with # 2.

You have a crazy dress, polka dots are ONE, chic shoes are TWO, chic earrings in the color of shoes are THREE. Well, everything else should be the background.

Try .. you will succeed …

The most, I think, a terrible mistake is the accumulation of objects around the face .., strong cosmetics, then glasses with rhinestones, earrings, a necklace, hair-styling .., and a hat ……

I didn’t want to offend anyone … if it was …….

I found all the photos on Google, not mine …



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