Copenhagen Fashion Week confirms new dates on August:9-12.

Copenhagen Fashion Week has confirmed that it will be held on August 9-12, having been pushed back from its previous date of 4-7 August.

The decision on the date has been fixed jointly by Copenhagen Fashion Week, the trade fairs CIFF and Revolver, and the industry organisations Dansk Fashion & Textile (DM&T) and Wear.

Since the lockdown of Denmark, the five organisations expressed that they have been closely monitoring developments in society and the fashion industry, and discussing the many various options available for the upcoming fashion week.

Several dates have been put into effect with the final decision based on multiple factors, “most importantly health safety and what is best for the industry”.

“We’re fortunate that the Danish society is opening up much more quickly than expected, making it possible for us to hold Copenhagen Fashion Week very close to the originally scheduled dates. All of our activities will of course be set up to meet applicable regulatory requirements,” said Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week to the media.

“We’ve received immense support from the Scandinavian fashion industry, as Copenhagen Fashion Week continues to be an important and much-needed platform for the industry’s sales, exports and international collaborations. Maintaining the dates in the beginning of August is a decisive advantage for them,” she further said.

Even though the shows are going ahead, the organization will still invest in creating a digital platform to connect brands with buyers and press and allow them to share their content.

Stein is putting together a digital advisory board with executives such as Goa, Gani, Holzweiler and Swedish Hope to help shape the Thresmark digital platform.

Thorsmark has been putting together a digital advisory board with managerial body from the likes of Stine Goya, Ganni, Holzweiler and Swedish Hope joining in to help determine the shape and form of the digital platform.


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