Face Masks: The ultimate fashion accessory of 2020.!!!


Fashion always creates inspiration from what’s going on around the world and in 2020 this is no different. As soon as the coronavirus had broken out in the world in December 2019 from china,wuhan. avant-garde fashion designers had included a new accessory in their collection: Face Mask. This trend has established itself and fashion enthusiasts are wearing it more than ever.

The use of these fashionable face masks is not recommended as a preventative measure, if you are looking for something trendy, There is no need to attend big fashion events and look no further than the runways in London, Paris, New York City and Milan.

Meanwhile world famous fashion brands started to chase to making and donating their Masks. Luxury fashion houses St. Laurent and Balenciaga have announced that their workshops in France will be offered to produce surgical face masks instead of clothing, while the parent company Kering Group donates an additional three million masks to the French healthcare system.

Moreover Gucci, also part of the Kering stable, has announced that it aims to produce one million face masks in the coming days for Italian health services, while Mango has declared its intention to donate up to two million to hospitals in Spain, where it is based.

However, medical-grade masks aside, decorative, albeit medically ineffectual, face coverings, too, are popping up on social feeds and in online stores, sparking both interest and controversy.

But despite all of these here we will not be miser to show some of current and trendy face masks fashion for you.


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