Jute new horizons!!!:

Bangladeshi scientist Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan, presently working as scientific advisor of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) and former Chief Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission invented a biodegradable and eco-friendly bag from jute cellulose. It seems to Poly Bag [1] but in reality the bag is made by jute it has similar strength of polythene bag that is 100% eco-friendly, recyclable and will be amalgamated with soil within 3 – 4 months. Main chemical ingredients are Jute cellulose, Synthetic polymer as binder (biodegradable) & Cross-linker for chemical reaction. Jute holds about 72% – 75% cellulose and 50% – 55% could be extracted. According to Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan the product could be used in garments packaging, food packaging, cover ice-cream, readymade garments, rice, sugar and even dairy milk. They have tested for a long time to test quality change and contamination but there was no contamination or quality problem. That means the bag is not harmful for human health.
It is not only for replacing the plastic bag; it has a huge world market possibility. Already BJMC took initiatives for piloting production, besides BJMC going for an acquisition of 7-8 acres land in Narsingdi where the daily production will be 3-4 tones of bags. All over the world daily about 500 billion bags are used and if Bangladesh use all jute produced in Bangladesh and produce bags then one-fourth of demand could be meet up of the world. So it can be said that there is billion to trillion dollar business opportunities with this bag for Bangladesh.
Bangladesh can claim its geographical indication (GI) product in future like Jamdani saree which will enhance its global value and can protect its right to Bangladesh. If the govt. encourages the jute cultivators and give facilities then very soon the proposed ‘Sonali Bag’ will be new hope for Bangladesh moreover the world and the people will get suitable alternative of plastic bag.


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