Photo: Lee Jeans

Global denim brand Lee Jeans has announced it’s launching a range of fully biodegradable jeans which can be put in the compost bin when the user no longer wants to keep them.

Lee’s ‘Back to Nature’ collection is made of compostable linen-cotton yarns, with no rivets. When they are no longer needed, the buttons can be unscrewed to be reused and the rest thrown into the compost, where it will biodegrade and return to the Earth. 

The aptly named Again to Nature collection includes four gadgets: For men, the brand’s basic Rider jacket and Rider jeans in a rigid ecru denim. For ladies, an elongated and belted version of the Rider Jacket and wide-leg denims in inflexible ecru denim.

The gadgets are made utilizing compostable linen-cotton yarns (85 % cotton and 15 % flax linen), and no rivets – that are sometimes made from metallic. Moreover, the leather waistband patch has been changed with Jacron, a gentle faux-suede material produced from cellulose. The merchandise’ compositions imply that – as soon as buttons, which might be reused, have been removed – they can be thrown – onto compost the place they’ll utterly biodegrade.

“The most critical emerging environmental problem that our industry is going to face is pollution due to the increased amount of synthetics in denim products and the creation therefore of microplastics,” Roian Atwood, Director of Sustainability for Lee Jeans and Wrangler tells the media. “This polyester sheds and comes off via pilling into very small, tiny pieces into the ambient environment, which is why we are finding microplastics all throughout the globe.”

In order for the new Lee Jeans garments to be able to biodegrade, the features of a traditional 5-pocket jean were changed. All rivets, historically made of brass or metal, were removed and the leather patch on the waistband has been replaced with Jacron, a leather-look paper material made from cellulose.

Lee Jeans are not the only ones investing in biodegradable denim.A rising number of brands are experimenting with biodegradable clothes as shopper demand for more sustainable trend continues to develop. In current months, British designer label Stella McCartney and Dutch denim brand Denham have each introduced the launch of their own biodegradable denim jeans.


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