Lionel Messi’s PSG Jersey Sales going on BOOM Trend…!

PSG Jersey

Lionel Messi’s Paris Saint Germain’s jerseys were sold out in 30 minutes after the football club displayed them for sales on its website.

Advertising the jersey, the club posted, “The new Paris Saint-Germain striker will wear the number 30. Visit the online store to get the Leo Messi jersey! Leo Messi is Parisian and will wear the number 30!”

Spanish media Marca reported on the 12th that after Messi’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG, France), 832,000 copies of Messi’s ’30’ PSG jersey (pictured) were sold in one day. The sales amount reaches 90 million euros (about 122.7 billion won). Messi’s annual salary is said to be 35 million euros (about 47.7 billion won). PSG made more than double Messi’s salary in just one day selling Messi’s jersey.

Messi’s jersey sales are at an all-time high. The previous record was 520,000 copies sold when Messi’s rival Cristiano Ronaldo (36, Juventus) transferred from Real Madrid (Spain) to Juventus (Italy) in July 2018. The men’s jersey was priced at 107 euros (about 145,000 won) and were all sold out in 20 minutes after PSG started selling Messi’s ’30’ jersey on its online store.

Even before the official PSG store in Paris, France, opened, there were long lines of people buying Messi’s jerseys. After waiting for two or three hours, there were many cheering people holding Messi’s jersey in their hands.

In PSG’s flagship shop in central Paris, one fan who queued two hours to buy a Messi shirt as soon as the Argentine signed, was more than happy to part with the 165 euros ($194) his purchase cost him.

“I just had to come and buy it,” 18-year-old Jonathan Bouyer Msied said, beaming. “It will bring PSG a lot of money, and it will bring fans a lot of fun and joy. There’s something in it for everyone, and everybody will be happy.”

Lionel Messi holds his jersey after a press conference Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021 at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. Lionel Messi said he’s been enjoying his time in Paris “since the first minute” after he signed his Paris Saint-Germain contract on Tuesday night. The 34-year-old Argentina star signed a two-year deal with the option for a third season after leaving Barcelona. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)


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