New Look launches range of vegan shoes and bags certified by The Vegan Society.

British fashion giant New Look has just become the first high-street fashion retailer to register a vegan range with The Vegan Society with the launch of a range of just under 500 vegan-friendly shoes, bags and accessories.

New Look becomes the first high-street fashion retailer to register a vegan range with The Vegan Society Trademark following the launch of its new 500-strong vegan fashion collection.

The Vegan Trademark offers respite from a confusing labelling landscape. It confirms that a product uses no animal-derived ingredients (including during manufacturing) and has not involved animal testing (including on the ingredients and finished product).

The range is available to shop online now and the company is also rolling out brand new vegan labels into all 900+ stores from September making it easier for consumers to make compassionate clothing choices.

Customers looking for fashionable vegan shoes and accessories on the website and in-store will discover a range of stylish shoes and bags clearly labelled and with the Vegan Trademark where they are being  “highlighted and proudly showcased.”

Not content with releasing such a comprehensive range, New Look has also said it is committed to registering as many of its non-leather goods as possible with the prestigious trademark and is working towards changing components in both existing and upcoming lines to reduce its reliance on animal-derived ingredients.

Speaking about the steps taken to ensure the range met its standards to become certified and bear its prestigious trademark, The Vegan Society explained: “The Vegan Society’s expert team have ensured that New Look’s registered products are free of animal-derived components, including any that might be found in fabrics, threads, glues, dyes, and treatments.

“They have also taken steps to ensure that the manufacture of the product and its materials are free of animal testing. The products that have been registered will be clearly labeled with the Vegan Trademark, making them easily identifiable.

“New Look’s commitment to taking their range through The Vegan Society’s thorough registration process allows you to shop with the assurance of our Vegan Trademark…New Look will continue to register many more of their products with our Vegan Trademark, keeping you stylish for many seasons to come.”


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