Tajikistan TEXTILE AND CLOTHING Export increased by almost 30 percent

Textile and clothing production in Tajikistan for the eight months of this year increased by almost 30 percent, Avesta reported.

Ministry of Energy and Industry of the country states that the amount of production of textile and clothing products during this period made more than 844.5 million somoni (more than $ 89.6 million).


In the textile and clothing industry, the industrial production index increased by 29.1 percent due to an increase in the output of cotton fiber, fabric, carpets and carpet products, and hosiery.


As statistics agency of the country reports, for the specified period, the textile exports amounted to more than $ 149.6 million, which is $ 71.6 million, or 92 percent more than the same period last year. Of the total exports, over $ 106.9 million is accounted for exports of cotton fiber.

The main products are fabrics and garments made from them, denim pants, shorts, textiles, carpet and leather products. The country has a full value chain, starting with the production of raw materials to the production of finished products. The sector has modern enterprises for sewing clothes, shoes. The government considers this sector a priority industry. It is planned to increase the export potential on the basis of the modernization of production, stimulating the creation of new enterprises.


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